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With Logorax, we're using AI to make high-quality logo design affordable, simple, and a whole lot of fun for you.

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Logorax early preview

What's the deal with Logorax?

Simple interface for content creation


Top-notch logos without the top-notch price tag. Just $32 and you're set.

Powerful tool for content creation


You don't need to be a Picasso. The AI handles the design stuff.

Inspiring ideas for content creation


You get full copyrights. It's your logo, no strings attached.

Essential ai tool for content creation


Your logo comes in a super sharp vector format. From t-shirts to billboards, it'll look great.

Why people are digging Logorax

We've made the power of world-class design as simple as a click. Imagine, an AI trained on the most iconic logos and the design theory, ready to craft a unique, high-impact design for you. And you know the best part? It’s super quick, affordable, and easy-peasy.

Unleashing world-class design.

No need to wrestle with traditional design processes or spend a fortune. You can have an awesome logo in no time. We're not just a tool, we're a game-changer - a buddy for the dreamers, the doers, the solo players, and the team leaders.

Shaking up design processes.

Need a logo right now?

You can browse through our current list of ready-made logos that have been created with the early prototype of Logorax.

Logorax AI Generator Logo Sample Hexagon Star
Logorax AI Generator Logo Sample Star Snowflake
Logorax AI Generator Logo Sample Llama
Logorax AI Generator Logo Sample Frog Gameboy
Logorax AI Generator Logo Sample Warrior Lion
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