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Here are few of the symbols that our team has generated during our test phase. You can copy these settings for your logo generation.

Subject: Coffee cup

Additional: cozy neighborhood, aroma, welcoming

Excluded: crowded, fast-paced, urban

25 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Sneaker

Additional: sporty, edgy, minimalistic, athletic

Excluded: clothing, accessories, formal

25 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Web3

Additional: community, agency, marketing

Excluded: compExcluded: chain of thoughtlex, hat, multiple heads, body

25 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Llama

Additional: minimalistic, simple

Excluded: complex, hat, multiple heads, body

25 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Keylock

Additional: simple abstract lock, minimalistic logo

Excluded: complex, detailed, many details, many elements

25 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Eagle

Additional: spread wings

Excluded: owl

30 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Feather

Additional: soft, elegant, simple

Excluded: loud, flashy, complicated

20 steps, CFG 7

Subject: Money

Additional: crypto, gambling, transactions, technology

Excluded: complicated symbols, animals, abstract shapes

25 steps, CFG 9

Subject: Fortress

Additional: shield, lock, security, castle

Excluded: clock, pencil, paper

25 steps, CFG 7

Subject: Coin

Additional: arrow, speed, simplicity, technology

Excluded: dice, cards, complexity

25 steps, CFG 7


Let's go over some of the core functionalities that influences how Logorax's symbol maker generates your designs.

Brainstorm mode

This is an easy way to get started. Simply describe your product/brand and press the "brainstorm ideas" button. Our AI will brainstorm symbol ideas for your logo and automatically fill in all the inputs so you don't have to. This feature is great for someone just starting out with AI logo generators, who is not yet familiar with prompting.

Prompting inputs

To generate a symbol, we use 3 different prompting inputs. The main subject, additional elements and an exclusion input.

Main subject is the primary element of your logo. AI will consider this as the essence of the symbol.

Additional elements input can hold a variety of items ranging from objects to adjectives. We suggest you use 1-4 additional elements. You can also use more or none, however the results might vary.

Exclusion input is there to help you reference all the things you want to avoid. Here you can list out things you don't want to see in your symbol. Keep in mind that if you list a lot of items, the AI might get overwhelmed and the result will turn out worse than if you leave this field empty. The less is better here.


This feature simply tells our AI how many variations of your symbol you want to generate. We recommend using 2 variations until you get your prompting right. Once you're happy with it, you can scale to more.

Processing & creative freedom

These two features are very important when it comes down to getting your symbol to the final stage. By default, you will get a decent logo with Normal settings already. However if you are after a specific style and art direction, you might need to play around with the output options.

Processing feature is designed to help AI understand how many design loops it should go through. For majority of symbols, the Normal mode is enough. If you decide to create a minimalistic logo, you might prefer the Low mode, as it will help you create a simpler looking symbol. On the other hand, if you are after a detailed logo, you should go with High or Higher mode. Feel free to play around with this to discover what works best for you.

You can also adjust Creative freedom that you give to the AI. When you have the Low option enabled, the AI will follow your inputs closely. When you go with High or Higher, the AI will go slightly outside of your prompts and perhaps also generate something slightly different to what you've imagined.

Saving & downloading your symbols

Once you generate a symbol, you can simply download it as SVG or save it for later. Keep in mind that all symbols that are not saved, will be automatically removed from our system in 24 hours. Make sure to save those that you like!

Card information

Each symbol card gives you exact information about how it was generated.

On the top left you have the main subject, followed by the additional elements.

On the top right you have the processing settings and an exclusion inputs.

Below the symbol you have the downloading and saving actions.

You can click on the main subject to copy all settings to your active sidebar.

Notifications and errors

During beta phase, we're scaling our AI system to zero when there's no activity. If you try generating a symbol when the system has been scaled to zero, you need to wait few minutes that it starts back up. On average it starts in 2-3 minutes.
Each subscription comes with the max amount of generations. If you run out of your available generations, you need to upgrade your account or wait until the next billing cycle so the availability resets.

4 things to know before starting out

Avoid using colors in your inputs. For example instead of using  "red ballon" -> use "ballon" instead. Our system generates all symbols in black color, which makes it a great base for any branding. Colors can be applied later in the branding process.
Focus on simplicity. Having too complicated prompts with too many subjects and elements will cause AI to hallucinate. This will unfortunately reduce the quality of your results.
Even when you work with a real logo designer, not all concepts are going to be perfect. AI is more affordable, but makes slightly more mistakes. Out of 100 logos, you should have at least 20 that are generally good concepts.
If you're not happy with the generated symbols, play around with the settings that give AI less/more creative freedom or request the AI to do less/more processing steps.

Playground settings

We're sharing few symbol examples that we've been testing, to give you more context on how adjusting settings on Logorax influences your designs.

Subject: Dock
Additional elements: Organization, Minimal
Excluded elements: Computer, Calendar

Changing processing

Normal mode.
Low mode.
Higher mode.

Changing creative freedom

Normal mode.
Low mode (with Low processing).
Higher mode.

Troubleshooting logo generation

Logorax is still in beta, therefore you might come across some inconsistencies in the quality of the generated logos.

Known bugs in Logorax Beta

Blurred output happens either because of the inaccurate processing settings or it's a result of a complicated input prompts. You can adjust the processing and try again to see if that changes the output. Sometimes even removing a single word from input prompt can drastically change the generated logo.

FIX: Set Processing to "High" and Creative Freedom setting to "Higher" or "High"
Greyscale symbol is known bug that happens when the input prompt tries to combined 2 or more meanings on the opposite spectrum. It can also happen if you try to generate a symbol that's outside of the parameters of the 2D logos.

FIX: Simplify your input prompt by removing words from additional elements or excluded elements inputs.
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